Advanced Predictive
Business Analysis.

Customer Buying Trends.

  • With an array of analytics from behavioral and digital to predictive and cognitive, Navicommerce delivers what your customers want, sometimes before they know it themselves.
  • Understand your customers' journey across channels, in aggregate and individually.
01.Transform data into actionable insights

Marketing Reports.

  • Navicommerce helps you to get real-time in-depth insights into your online marketing and sales activities and gives you added advantage over your competitors.
  • It seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads and all popular social media & marketing platforms.
02.All your marketing metrics in one place

Forecasting & Reporting.

  • We help you understand shifts in consumer behavior and give you insights into the demands of your market. You always stay ahead of the competition.
  • Closely monitor your business profitability and performance, view resource utilization, billing forecasts and understand your backlog status.
03.Relevant product category and filters

Inventory Reports.

  • Optimize your inventory investment and understand consumer demand to effectively manage the overall supply chain process including the planning and forecasting, sourcing, fulfillment, delivery and returns.
  • Navicommerce helps you to focus on your key products, uncover key trends and identify opportunities for improving lifecycle outcomes.
04.Control inventory levels & predict over-stock situations

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