SaaS Infrastructure.

Enhanced Efficiency, agility and scalability

  • Focus on your brand without worrying about your online store’s security and tech stack.
  • Easy automatic upgrades and lower costs make SaaS ideal for all businesses.
  • Faster, better response time and performance of your website.
  • Eliminate high infrastructure cost of data centers.
  • Take better business decisions with accurate insightful reports.
  • SaaS applications are highly secure with encrypted storage, cryptographic cipher suites, SSO, etc.
01.Feel the power of SaaS Infrastructure

Restful APIs.

Reduce latency and enforce security

  • REST APIs simplifies the integration process with multiple platforms.
  • Gain easy access and securely retrieve useful business data to perform transactions through APIs.
  • REST API environment ensures agility and higher productivity.
  • Enhances functionalities for your online store’s shopping cart system.
  • REST APIs identify and seamlessly process all items added to the cart during checkout.
  • Smooth integration of REST API ensures that your e-commerce site is easy to run at scale with enforced security.
  • REST API reduces the complexity and simplifies component implementation and performance.
02.Create a unique digital experience with RESTful APIs

External integrators

A flexible platform for your online store

  • Navicommerce streamlines the integration process to external data sources, applications and other business systems.
  • The integration enhances a buyer’s shopping journey with easy exchange of data.
  • Navicommerce supports unlimited integration points and seamlessly integrates with multiple business systems.
03.Do more with powerful external integrators

Infrastructure & Operations

Driving high performance with innovation & technology

  • Our software-defined infrastructure and digital initiatives enable our clients to scale, stay up to date with the industry trends and rapidly deploy resources.
  • We align our flexible infrastructure to suit the various capabilities and needs of clients from varied industry verticals.
  • We address evolving business and technical needs with our real-time, dynamic cost-effective infrastructure service.
04.Intelligent infrastructure for your digital business goals


Providing network reliability & protecting data

  • Our end-to-end modern data protection effectively defends your business against cyber threats keeping all critical data encrypted.
  • Keep a track, have complete control and facilitate access to IT services and assets to enterprise stakeholders on need basis.
  • We help you to prevent and patch potential risk and vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure that arises from technology advancement.
  • Credible real-time security monitoring and efficient network management compliant with industry standards and laws.
05.Robust Security for hybrid cloud infrastructure

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