Last Mile Delivery

Manage & Optimize
Delivery Seamlessly.

  • Track routes and resources on a real-time basis, optimize schedules and routes for every delivery from a centralized fully customizable dashboard.
  • With our smooth tracking you can monitor your fleet operation with intelligent insights for vehicle tracking and trailer tracking.
01.Real-Time Route Path Tracking & ETA

Geofence Notification.

  • Create a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area.
  • When a delivery vehicle enters or exits the area, the app triggers a notification that is logged in the task history.
02.Robust Fleet tracking for higher efficiency

Account Simulation.

  • Log in as a super admin to assign multiple roles, access different user accounts and monitor the efficiency level ensuring greater productivity.
  • From one centralized account, a third party supplier and third party personnel can also execute different roles and at the same time enjoy the same privileges.
03.Advance access control

Powerful Analytics
& Reports.

  • View all key performance metrics, analyze predictive trends and behavior patterns to improve operational efficiency and the performance of fleets and drivers.
04.Smart data analysis to optimize performance

Feedback &
Satisfaction Report.

  • The final user or the personnel can give a review and rate the experience on completion of delivery or the assigned task.
05.Track your fleet’s performance

Vehicle Assignment.

  • Smooth & easy allocation of third-party delivery fleets at anytime whenever your business demands.
06.Extend your fleet to meet the delivery demands

Improve Your
Fleet Management.

  • Our complete solution enables you to get a complete history of all tasks performed for convenient and efficient tracking of all deliveries.
  • You can also monitor and optimize your fleet’s behavior in real-time.
07.Complete History of All Tasks Performed

Offline Sync for
Uninterrupted Service.

  • Navicommerce offers consistent offline syncing, with delivery personnels.
  • To reduce data usage, route map points are auto-saved on the local server, which are triggered after a pre-defined interval via API.
08.Offline on-device data storage & route path mapping

Optimized Delivery Routes.

  • Fully optimized routes and intelligent rerouting increases productivity and ensures that the driver completes most deliveries in the least amount of time.
  • The best and shortest routes are automatically pin-pointed on the app to speed up the operation.
09.Dynamic rerouting to reduce delays & downtime

Easy Returns and
Order Cancel Requests.

  • Shipments can be returned or rejected at the time of delivery by filling out a form and a digital signature on the application by the personnel.
10Process smooth returns to improve the experience

Intuitive Interface for
Better Work Efficiency.

  • Our simple and user-friendly app interface helps to complete tasks with relative ease.
  • Personnel can accept, decline and perform a task effortlessly at anytime.
11.Smart dashboard & User-friendly interface

Instant Notifications.

  • Customizable notifications are sent out consistently to keep your customers and personnels informed at all times to resolve issues proactively.
12.Stay updated with customized alerts

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