Product Information Management

Product Management.

  • Provide relevant product information to wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers and most importantly to your customers.
  • Feed up-to-date product information in an automated, reliable way that meets the ever-changing demands of digital customers.
  • Merchandise, organize and manage an unlimited number of products with tags and categories.
01.Create engagement and increase customer loyalty

Multiple Tier Pricing.

  • Create a personalized product catalog and merchandize your products with photos, videos & custom fields.
  • You can set multiple pricing tiers for different product categories or quantities based on your target customer type to ensure a personalized buying experience.
02.Personalized Product Catalog and Pricing

Bulk Uploading.

  • The powerful features of Navicommerce are designed for seamless management of product data across all touchpoints.
  • Cross-sell, up-sell, sell anywhere or to anyone by setting global product properties and dynamic merchandising.
  • Manage large catalogs effortlessly and import /export bulk product data in various convenient formats like XML, CSV and API.
03.Single View & easy Diverse Catalogue Management

Information Rich
Product Pages.

  • Target buyers with a single repository for consumer-ready, relevant product information.
  • Make your brand stand out across multiple touchpoints and all sales channels with effective merchandising.
  • Ensure higher engagement with similar product suggestions, country-specific product pricing & exclusive offers.
04.Catch the customer’s eye at every touchpoint

Upsell/Cross Sell
to Generate Sales.

  • Our PIM solution enables you to maintain high-quality product content and helps you to improve online sales by presenting alternative and complementary products to up-sell to your customers.
  • Define new product attributes and apply them to a specific catalog. Manage the various catalog versions and easily import multiple supplier catalogs.
05.Influence Buying Decisions and drive sales

Product Content Services.

  • Our next-generation PIM solution enables you to easily update product content to enrich the customer experience. With user-generated content such as customer reviews, Navicommerce enhances content for cross-channel campaigns.
  • Navicommerce ensures coherent product data across all touchpoints and notifies you on the expiry of your products.
06.Make your ecommerce catalogue stand out

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