Platform Overview

Online Store.

  • Navicommerce makes your online shop work efficiently with its rich features focusing on placing our brand perfectly in front of a global audience.
  • Lets us help you create a tailored brand experience across all channels and marketplaces to provide your customer with an ultimate user experience.
01.Get to market faster and bring your brand to life

Instant Search.

  • Take your customers straight to the products they are looking for. Improved and better search relevance can take your conversion rate multiple-steps ahead.
  • Data-driven insights collected from customers, scaling down their searches helps to analyze behavior, patterns and interests.
02.Faceted search converts browsing into sales


  • As a leading technology partner, Navicommerce integrates with SAP ERP, EPICOR, Magento,Shopify, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle ERP, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce etc. that enables your online business to scale.
  • Increase sales velocity with a host of rich customized features like marketing, merchandizing, payments, transactions, last mile delivery, shipping and more.
03.Best in Class Integration with Unprecedented Flexibility


  • Our enterprise-level, highly customizable platform provides seamless brand experience with unique core features designed to meet the requirements of modern businesses and industry-specific needs.
  • Whether you are a giant B2B brand with multi-site inventory or a medium-sized multi-channel retail business, the platform’s flexibility of functionality meets every need with a fierce focus on your business.
04.Faceted search converts browsing into sales

Headless Commerce.

  • Our robust platform leverages Headless Commerce capabilities like product information management, shopping cart, promotions, merchant tools and integrates customer data irrespective of the channel.
  • Get the flexibility to create incredible user experience via commerce APIs.
05.Add multiple customer touch-points with API-first commerce

Inventory Management.

  • We make it easier to manage inventory across multiple channels.
  • Keep a track of how your inventory is moving, update stock and gain a better insight.
  • Fulfil large volume of orders, reduce possibilities of over-selling, sync orders and sell more on different channels.
06.Our centralized inventory makes your multi-channel business thrive

Product Information

  • Increase conversion with personalized catalog structures, defined product types attributes, and easy sharing of product information.
07.Personalised product catalogue and pricing that sets you apart

Omnichannel Retail Solutions.

  • NaviCommerce enables you with a complete Online Store, Mobile App, POS, Picking App and Delivery App.
  • Customize and scale your business at your convenience.
08.Fully integrated omni-channel commerce solution

Marketing & Promotions.

  • Keep your customers coming back. Offer extraordinary deals and discount codes to create engagement, drive sales and site traffic.
  • Run time-triggered multiple promotions for individual touchpoints and customer groups including the percentage or absolute product or cart discounts.
09.Attract and acquire customer-centric marketing and promotion engine

Mobile Commerce.

  • Create an ecommerce website optimized for any device, which is fully secure with inbuilt responsive designs.
  • Streamline your check out process with voice assisted smart search, product filtering & surfing, offline data syncing & single click cart.
  • Minimize mobile conversion gaps with a seamless checkout process, location based stock availability, push notifications & promotions, social media login, return or refund from your app.
10.iOS + Android

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