Inventory, Order &
Warehouse Management

Inventory Management.

  • Our robust platform meets all the unique inventory challenges and keeps a track of hundreds of thousands of inventory items across all channels. Get a centralized view of product stock on all channels.
01.Connect unlimited warehouses

Faster Shipping
& Easy Returns.

  • Optimized order fulfillment combined with technology. Simplify shipping and take full control of your fulfillment with intelligent order routing, real-time visibility and control of order data. Manage returns and refunds with ease.
02.Increase brand loyalty with faster shipping & easy returns

Order Fulfillment.

  • Navicommerce has a powerful omnichannel order management system that seamlessly syncs orders between marketplaces, your website, physical stores and warehouses.
  • Navicommerce seamlessly integrates with leading payment gateways, logistics and accounting softwares for an incredible shopping experience.
03.Omnichannel Order Fulfillment tailored for your business

Order Processing.

  • Automate and optimize Order Management to reduce order processing time and increase efficiency. Make a better business decision with a greater insight into inventory, orders, costs and service requirements with real-time customizable order processing workflow. Integrate all your sales channels and offer multiple fulfillment options.
04Increase efficiency & reduce order processing time.

Purchase, Warehouse
& Supplier Management.

  • Add unlimited stores, suppliers, warehouses and manage your purchase process seamlessly.
  • Allocate products and get the purchase order from them. Manage any incoming shipment smoothly by tracking the status. Generate ‘Goods Received Note’ (GRN) at the warehouse level.
  • Generate 'Goods Received Note' (GRN) at the warehouse level.
05.Save time and manage purchases with speed & accuracy

Advanced Stock Analysis,
Alerts & Notifications.

  • NaviCommerce provides detailed stock counts, stock alerts and out-of-stock notifications that help to keep your inventory level 100% accurate.
  • Maintain buffer stock and notify your customers when products are available.
06.Calculate your inventory needs and re-stock promptly

Inventory Reporting.

  • Gain thorough insight with Extensive Inventory Reporting, identify high and low performing products with accurate inventory reports.
  • Our all-in-one software enables you to view stock levels, revenue by channels and the sales velocity for different products.
07.Get the accurate stock report and respond to demands

Realtime Inventory

  • Our centralized software syncs with multiple touch points and updates your inventory stock, every time a product is sold.
  • Keep control on how much stock shows on each channel and keep the stock levels accurate everywhere and eliminate the possibilities of missed sales.
08.Sync inventory across Multiple Channels

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